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Consulting Limited Liability Company


With experience gained in tropical, desert, temperate conditions and also in the European Union we are ready to undertake:
  - Project planning and management
  - Project proposal preparation
  - Financial planning, management and administration
  - GIS data processing
  - Forestry, nature conservation and environmental
    protection consultancy and advisory
  - Translation, proofreading - Services
  • project planning and project proposal writing
  • project management
  • financial planning and management
  • GIS application
  • Translation, editing and proofreading




  • forest inventory
  • management planning with special attention to sustainable forest management with continuous forest cover
  • participatory sustainable forestry management planning
  • REDD program
  • Forestry consultancy and advisory
• József Fidlóczky's references - Forestry
Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation

  • survey of biological diversity
  • survey of endangered species and preparation of species conservation plan
  • preparing management plans
  • nature conservation consultancy and advisory
photo: János Bagyura
• József Fidlóczky's references – Nature conservation
• Anna Fidlóczky's references – Laos – 2004
• Zsuzsa Fidlóczky's references – Laos – 2005
Environment protection

Environment protection

  • environmental impact assessments
  • environmental consultancy and advisory
• Anna Fidlóczky's references