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Consulting Limited Liability Company - Anna Fidlóczky - personal references
Mott MacDonald Hong Kong Limited
Environmental Consultant
Expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System (3rd Runway Project) – Avifauna survey and Chinese White Dolphin Survey for the proposed expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System in frame of the EIA process for the construction and operation of the 3rd Runway. The Study is part of the Airport Master Plan 2030 tasked to identify a preferred airport expansion scheme and to prepare environmental assessments to compare the identified airport expansion options.
Environmental Impact Assessment for the Strategic Expansion of Ocean Park at Tai Shue Wan – The Tai Shue Wan Development at Ocean Park is aiming to redevelop the existing theme park areas at Tai Shue Wan (TSW) into a Water Park to establish a long term sustainability of the Park by enhancing its attractiveness. Undertaking ecological field surveys for terrestrial and aquatic fauna that may be directly and indirectly impacted by the proposed Development.
Engineering Feasibility Study for Kong Nga Po – Purpose of the Project is to provide an alternative choice of housing to meet the medium and long-term housing needs of the population. The Project will provide 1,200 residential units and accommodate a population of approximate 3,600 people. Coordinating teams for the preparation of the Preliminary Environmental Review for the Project, involving liaising with the Design Team and Sub-consultants engaged for the Project.
Environmental Review for the Review, Design and Tender Documentation for Drainage Improvement Works at Tsung Yuen, Kwu Tung North – Preparation of an Environmental Review for the Project that was commissioned in frame of the “Drainage Improvement in Northern New Territories – Package B” to undertake investigation, design and construction work for a total number of 16 channels. Tasks also involved coordination with the Design and Environmental Teams.
English Schools Foundation Health and Safety Management Study, Hong Kong – Development of a school specific H&S handbook for two pilot schools (primary and secondary) selected by ESF. Tasks included development of procedures for student and occupational health and safety, mechanisms for communication, participation and consultation, defining means of H&S documentation by a series of interviews of the teaching and management staff.
Masinloc Thermal Power Plant Extension, Philippines – Independent environmental advisory for the development of an additional 600MW supercritical coal fired power station for the 600 MW Masinloc Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in the Philippines. Undertaking a gap analysis as part of the environmental and social review on the project’s compliance with Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards.
Umbulan Water Supply PPP, Indonesia – Consultancy Services for technical support to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the development and structuring a technically feasible, environmentally sustainable and bankable long-term bulk water supply Public-Private Partnership (PPP) transaction for the supply of water to five water utilities (PDAMs) in East Java.
Grease Trap Waste Management Strategy in Hong Kong – Currently, volumes of GTW discharged to the GTW Treatment Facility located at the West Kowloon Refuse Transfer Station have been exceeding the current design capacity of the facility. EPD commissioned this study with the objective to forecast GTW arisings in the next 5 to 15 years; to review the existing grease trap designs and collection mechanisms to minimize water content and to recommend short, medium and long term management strategies.
Development of Organic Waste Treatment Facilities, Phase II., Feasibility Study, Hong Kong – The OWTF Phase II development aims to collect, receive and treat source-separated organic waste from the commercial, industrial and institutional establishments so as to recover useful resources, reduce landfill disposal and its associated environmental impacts. The objective of this Assignment was to identify potential sources of organic waste from the commercial, industrial and institutional establishments and determine appropriate arrangements for collecting and delivering the waste to the proposed Project site.
Mott MacDonald Limited, UK
Water and Environment Division, Cambridge
Environmental Scientist
Elsham Water Treatment Works Upgrade, Geo-Environmental Desk Study, Anglian Water Services Ltd., UK – Mott MacDonald Ltd. was commissioned by AWS to undertake a Geo-environmental Desk Study of Elsham WTW in anticipation of developments planned to the existing WTW. Tasks were to conclude a Phase 1. Contaminated Land Assessment to identify potential in-ground constraints on the proposed development at this site such as contaminated soil or groundwater associated with historic or current land uses.
Chertsy Sewage Treatment Works Upgrade LVIA, Thames Water Utilities Ltd., UK – The purpose of this assessment was to describe the existing landscape character and visual amenity of the study area and assess the significance of landscape and visual effects arising from the proposed development as requested by Surrey County Council (SCC).
Environmental Consultant
Pump Storage Scheme EIA, Hungary – Undertaking a preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment for 4 possible reservoir locations of a proposed pump storage scheme.
M8 Motorway Project – Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for an approximately 60 km new section of the M8 National Motorway.
M9 motorway project – Preliminary EIA for an approx. 70 km section of the M9 National Motorway with special attention to Natura 2000 environmentally protected sites.
Nitrokemia-Hunest Biorefinery Project – As project manager, responsible for undertaking a detailed EIA and IPPC licensing of a biorefinery plant and a preliminary EIA for the joint biogas plant.
Biomass Project, Szerencs, Hungary – Participation in due diligence work and audit of the 49MWe straw-fired biomass power plant. The work included assessment of compliance with environmental and IPPC requirements.
Biomass Project, Szakoly, Hungary – Undertaking a Technical and Environmental Due Diligence of a newly commissioned 20MWe clean woodchip fired biomass plant in Szakoly, Hungary.
Budapest Waste Management Plan – As a project manager was responsible for undertaking an audit of the waste management plan of Budapest Municipality; the preparation of the complementary waste management plan for the 2009-2010 period together with the methodology of a Strategic Environmental Assessment.
Screening study for sewage network development of Nyíregyháza – Undertaking a screening study for sewage system development programme of Nyíregyháza region covering all relevant environmental issues requested by the EU Cohesion Fund application.
Middle Danube Waste Management Program, landfill recultivation supervision –The project required site audits for 40 landfills in frame of the Middle Danube Waste Management Program to compare the landfill’s present status with the recultivation plans to point out major discrepancies.
Preliminary Environmental Management Plan for the construction works of Budapest Central WWTP – Preparation of a Preliminary Environmental Management Plan that defines the construction related environmental impacts of the restructuring works.
Budapest Metro Line 4 –Environmental Monitoring and Audit for the construction of 3 stations of the Metro Line 4 in Budapest, Hungary between 2008-2010. As a consultant for the Constructor, Swietelksy Ltd, provided environmental supervision of all construction works, liaised with the environmental authorities during the construction phase and provided environmental training to the Constructor’s staff.
Strategic Natural Gas Storage Facility – Working on behalf of MOL (Hungarian Oil and Gas) Plc to undertake environmental due diligence assessment in accordance with EBRD performance requirements (PRs).
Project coordinator
Participation in national waste management planning (disclaming National Environmental Comitee and Waste Comitte working documents); examining recycling possibilities of different waste types, organizing the handover of secondary raw materials for further processing and utilization; coordinating investment projects related to increasing recycling capacity.
RESEARCH PROGRAMME, Phonxai District, Lao P.D.R.
Undertaking a simplified environmental impact assessment for Nam Pa River in Phonxai district, Lao PDR by examining different fish species, fishing techniques and their impact on fish stocks in the area and also the impact of economic development on fish populations. Read the full study here.