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Consulting Limited Liability Company

Zsuzsa Fidlóczky
       personal references

- Laos
    Wildlife Conservation Society
- Hungary
    LIFE Nature Program
    SEE Transnational Cooperation Program
    Yaja Koh Ker project
    EU DG Development Program - Zsuzsa Fidlóczky - personal references
Laos 2005
Collection of bird names in different ethnic languages and information regarding the bird trapping and hunting habits of ethnic groups.
(Wildlife Conservation Society)
Hungary 2010
LIFE08 NAT/H/000288 "Establishment of the Pannon Seed Bank for the long-term ex situ conservation of Hungarian vascular wild plants". Project administrator, Central Agricultural Office (MgSZH) / Research Centre for Plant Diversity (NöDIK)
Hungary 2010
FENCON Ltd. Project manager/financial manager for „Transnational joint strategy and tools for the better management and implementation of Natura 2000 sites. BE-NATURE – Better management and implementation of Natura 2000 sites”, SEE/B/0008/2.3/X
Client: NIMFEA Society
Hungary 2009
GIS work (mapping and satellite image evaluation) of the Yaja Koh Ker project's Forestry and Nature Conservation Cluster (Cambodia)
Hungary 2008
Financial project manager for the "Feeding and Fuelling Europe" project. Tasks included compilation of annual budget for the 16 partner organization, financial advisory for partners, preparation of the project's financial monitoring and annual financial report.