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Consulting Limited Liability Company - General Services
Project planning and project proposal writing
Planning projects of different size and type. Preparing feasibility studies.

Writing project proposals for financing different sized project.
• References - Hungary
• József Fidlóczky's references - Project planning and proposal writing
• Viktória Bene's references - Project planning and proposal writing
Project management
Organising and coordinating project works, managing projects and preparing reports.

Monitoring, evaluation and audit of projects.
• József Fidlóczky's references - Management
• Anna Fidlóczky's references - 2008
GIS application
Aerial photo and satellite image interpretation.

Land use survey, evaluation and mapping.
• József Fidlóczky's references - Forestry - Laos
• Zsuzsa Fidlóczky's references - Hungary - 2009
Translation, editing and proofreading
From/to English, Hungarian and Russian languages.
• Tatjana Kardos's references