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József Fidlóczky
       personal references

- Management
- Project planning and proposal writing
- Forestry
- Nature conservation - József Fidlóczky - personal references
United Arab Emirates
1983 Management of 400 ha desert afforestation in Al Ain Municipality, project Manager, ERFATERV
1985-1990 Chief Technical Advisor of Forest Inventory Project of the Lao-Swedish Forestry Program, SILVI NOVA-SIDA
1982 Leader of the Hungarian forest survey team, MÉM-ERSZ
Project manager, FENCON Ltd LIFE09 NAT/HU/000384 (EU) "Conservation of Falco cherrug in Northeast Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia"
Client:Bükk National Park Directorate
"Conservation of Falco cherrug in the Carpathian basin" LIFE06 NAT/H/000096 (EU), Project Manager, Bükk National Park Directorate
photo: János Bagyura
2003 4th World Conference on Bird of Prey and Owls (WWGBP), Chief Organizer
1995-2002 Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society (MME/BirdLife Hungary), Managing Director
1997 Sustainable rural development in the inundation area of Körös River Program, Project Manager, Regional Environmental Centre (REC)
1978 Chief Sylviculturist, Headquarter of State Forest Enterprises, Budapest (FAGOK)
1977 Chief of Forestry, Ipolyvidéki EFAG, Forestry Estate of Püspökszilágy
1973-1976 Sylviculture manager, Ipolyvidéki EFAG, Forestry Estate of Bercel
Project planning and proposal writing
2002 Designing criteria and methodology for selection of PFAs for Sustainable Forestry and Rural Development with participatory approach in SUFORD project preparation. Forest Land Use Classification Advisor, World Bank.
Project planning and proposal writing
2010 Project proposal for „LIFE10 NAT/HU/000018. Restoration and conservation of the Pannonic salt steppes of Pásztó grassland with sustainable management.”
Client: NIMFEA Society
2008 Preparing EU LIFE+ Biodiversity Project Application for "Establishment of the Pannon Seed Bank for the long-term ex situ conservation of Hungarian vascular wild plant", LIFE08NAT/H/000288, Consultant, Ministry of Environment & Water
"Conservation of Falco cherrug in the Carpathian basin" LIFE06 NAT/H/000096 EU co-financed international Program, Project Manager, Bükk National Park Directorate.
The Program includes more then 100 participants of 16 partners in two countries and operates on a 2.1 million Euro budget.
2004 "Conservation of Falco vespertinus in the Pannonian region" LIFE05 NAT/H/000122 Körös-Maros National Park Directorate, 1,5 mill.€
2003 "Protection of Great Bustard in Hungary" LIFE04 NAT/HU/000109, Körös-Maros National Park Directorate, 4,3 mill. €
photo: Béla Motkó
2003 Representing IUCN at the Expert level meeting of the Ministerial Conference on Protection of Forests in Europe, Forest Conservation Expert, IUCN
United Arab Emirates
1983 Management of afforestation of a 400 ha desert area in Al Ain Municipality, Project Manager, ERFATERV
2003-2006 Sustainable forestry and rural development projects (SUFORD), Forest and Land Use Classification Expert, World Bank-FINNIDA
2002-2003 Assisting comparative study on forest/vegetation cover and land use in Lao PDR by plot sampling on SPOT Satellite Image Maps (SIMs) from 1982 – 1992 – 2002 to identify current situation and trends of changes for planning the 2020 Forest Strategy, Forestry Consultant, SCANDIACONSULT-SIDA
2001 Assisting Forest Inventory and Planning Division's (FIPD) staff on land use change study in Louang Prabang Province, Forestry Consultant, SCANDIACONSULT-SIDA
2000 Assisting FIPD staff to update forest inventory data of Khammouane & Savannakhet Provinces and identify changes. Forestry Consultant, JAICA
1985-1990 Lao-Swedish Forestry Program Forest Inventory Project, Project Manager, SILVI NOVA-SIDA
1982 Leader of the Hungarian forest survey team, MÉM-ERSZ
1979-1981 Assisting in establishing and launching the No. 3 State Forest Enterprise, Forestry Consultant, TESCO
1994 Forest Conservation Program, Program Manager, Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society (MME)
1982-1985 Forestry engineer, ERFATERV
1979-1981 Forestry engineer, MÉM, ERSZ
1978 Coordinating and supervising the sylvicultural work of the State Forestry Enterprises, Chief Sylviculturist, FAGOK
1977 Management and supervision of forestry work of the Püspökszilágy Forestry Estate of Ipolyvidék State Forest Enterprise (Ipolyvidéki EFAG), Chief of Forestry
1973-1976 Management of silvicultural work at the Bercel Forestry Estate The Forest Bercel, Sylvicultural Technical Leader, EFAG Ipolyvidék
1988 Evaluation of Forestry Reform, Forestry Advisor, Hungarian Embassy (Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
1983 Feasibility study on satisfying the natural rubber needs of the Hungarian rubber industry by establishing new rubber plantations in Vietnam. Team leader, ERFATERV-TAURUS
1984 Pre-feasibility study on joint venture forestry.
Nature Conservation
2008- Core member of Technical Review Group of Critical Ecosystem Partnership Found (CEPF), appointed by BirdLife Indochina.
2007 Contributing to EIA/EMMP of the Nam Ngum 3 Hydropower Plant, Laos
1999-2004 Chair of the European Committee and Member of the Global Council of BirdLife International.
Nature Conservation
2006-2014 Saker protection (EU)
photo: János Bagyura
1995-2002 Managing the Hungarian Ornithological & Nature Conservation Society's work that is performed by 40 staffs, 1000 volunteers & 8000 members with an annual budget of $1.5 million.
1996 Planning Sylviculture for National Nature Policy Plan, Forestry Expert, IUCN
1995 Evaluation of forestry in relation with nature conservation in Hungary, Forestry Expert, WWF
1995 Preparing proposal for establishment of Gemenc-Beda-Karapancsa National Park, Forestry Expert, WWF